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Birgit Fehst Relationships and other matters of the heart
Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Birgit Fehst
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Testimonials Couples Therapy

What my clients say… (excerpt):

Martina W. from Berlin (translated):

Couple therapy: We, my husband and I, were at the end of our relationship- no light at the end of the horizon, nearly no hope for an “us” in the future, after 13 years of marriage we were both ready to call it a day… With empathy yet clarity, with bluntness yet without patronizing, with understanding but also with criticism Mrs. Fehst makes us think and self reflect and to finally deal with each other and ourselves individually. That way she brings us insights and changes of my/our attitudes and therefore also of my/our behavior. Together we find solutions for conflicts that we are able to handle better and better. She never tells us what to do but makes us find the right ways ourselves. Without Mrs. Fehst we would be part of the statistics of divorced marriages, although, as we know now, we definitely belong together. I can strongly recommend her as a therapist to everyone who is willing to change oneself and ones life! Hypnosis: drastic experience, a clear recommendation.

Doreen W. from Berlin (translated):

At the end of 2013 and after 12 years together we were at the point of either staying together or separating- our relationship was stuck. Mrs. Fehst guided us along this process very professionally, with empathy and a good pinch of humor. At any time we felt taken seriously with our problems.

Her big variety of methods, flexibility and creativity helped us to develop new perspectives and to create a new path together. That way we finally approached each other again. Even now, three years later, we profit from the experiences from the therapy, both as individuals and as a couple. We thank you so much for the competent and sensitive help and the productive input during these difficult times that made us so much stronger.

Ralf from Berlin (translated):

1,5 years ago I have taken on a new business challenge. And my job was a lot of fun. Unfortunately my marriage suffered at the same time as my business flourished. It nearly ended my happy relationship of meanwhile 12 years. Mrs. Fehst gave me a new perspective by analyzing without judging how my behavior contributed to that situation. Together we found tools how I can be myself yet happy with my wife. I found especially pleasant that Mrs. Fehst never gave me the impression that I need “therapy”, but she rather analyzed the situation in a solution oriented way and always made me feel by asking the right skilfull questions that I was part of that process. What shall I say: it worked! Thank you, Ralf from Friedenau.

Steffi from Berlin (translated):

After 5 years relationship and 2 years of marriage our love was shattered and all we did was blame the other one for his sins. The couples therapy was actually only intended to survive that situation without too much harm. However, with her patient, competent and sensitive manner, Mrs. Fehst managed to set a frame for my husband and me to open up and honestly and constructively talk about our problems and to finally solve a lot of them. Through her skilfull questions everything was much clearer. I am sooo thankful for the help of Mrs. Fehst and can recommend her therapy with all my heart! Thank you! Steffi

Anonymous from Berlin (translated):

Birgit has the experience, the tools and the appropriate empathy to show the way in difficult situations. Looking back I cannot imagine working with a better advisor!

Anonymous from Berlin:

I’ve visited Birgit Fehst in both couples counseling with my partner, and also in individual hypnotherapy and EFT sessions. She is highly recommendable, with a confident (!), respectful and professional touch and true understanding of many aspects of relationships and personal challenges. As a gay man working as a freelancer in many fields, I felt very secure with her understanding of my own lifestyle, both on the personal and professional sides. I like very much her mix of solution-driven methods, including more unconventional ones like EFT tapping and hypnotherapy. Solutions!

Bozek from Berlin:

I took an appointment with Ms. Fehst for a couple therapy together with my partner. She helped seeing from a distance the forces at stake in our relationship. The lesson was hard but so helpful. Seeing from a distance also helped developing self-understanding as well as forms of understanding of my partner. One session with her still orientates the way I love, the way I wish for, the way I understand my partner, even 1,5 years later. It is such a cliché to say that: she initiated a deep learning on my habits, and didn’t make my relationship any easier, but much richer. I felt she understood my perspective, without trying to impose her vision on me.

Sondre R. from San Francisco:

Excellent hyponotist and effective coach.

Calvin C. from Leipzig:

I’ve been much better since meeting Birgit, and believe that her hypnotherapy triggered/opened something on a subconscious level that is allowing me to think, feel and live more freely. She’s great at what she does- I’ve never been so deep within my subconscious, while still being conscious.

I have every intention to continue my therapy with her. She is fluent in English as well 🙂

Anonymous from Berlin (translated):

Mrs. Fehst has helped me so much and enriched and beautified my life. I feel very comfortable with her and in good hands and even now I enjoy working with her. I can only recommend her!

Anonymous from Munich (translated):

Birgit Fehst is simply great!