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Birgit Fehst Relationships and other matters of the heart
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Power therapy

3 hours or an entire day for your relationship

“Love can be a punishment. Not knowing if you are being loved, can be torture”  (Robert Lembke)

Power session

Paartherapie IntensivA power session lasts three hours, double the lengths of a normal session. If you can’t or want to take an entire day off but want to proceed quickly, this option is for you. You have done some work beforehand and we jump start the process of couples therapy. That means- we have set the groundwork, we have identified the main issues and started changing them and you have a good basis for the continuation of the work at home. 



Power day

You are not from Berlin and/or want results as fast as possible? Let’s do it! An entire day, from 9-5 (with lunch break), it can’t get any more intense. At the end of the day you will have a toolkit and exercises that build on our work together. You know exactly where you are and where you want to go. And you have promised each other to give your best. And you have clarity and hope. 

An entire day can be much more effective that several short sessions as the process is not interrupted. 
Paartherapie Intensiv-effektive-paartherapie

How it goes: Before the power day I will have given you some exercises and the questionnaire to fill out. So I do have a bit of an insight into your relationship. We start by you telling me about your issues and soon we continue by finding solutions. After the lunch break I often times (not always) start with individual sessions. Your partner can go for a coffee in the nearby shopping mall or in the kitchen. In the afternoon we will in detail deal with the changes and the implementation of them in your daily life. Now it is up to you to live them. 

Most of the time one power day is enough and further sessions are not necessary. 

Call me: 030 854 01770 or us the call back form and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am looking forward to hearing from you!