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Birgit Fehst Relationships and other matters of the heart
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Individual Therapy

Individual sessions for all matters of the heart

„You don’t just want to be happy, but happier than others. And that is so difficult because we think others are happier than they actually are.” (Montesquieu)

Couples therapy alone

Sometimes it happens that your partner is not ready (yet) to work with you in a professional setting. Does it make sense to come alone then? Of course! You get clarity, ideas on how to improve your relationship and insight into your part of the couples dynamic. It can happen that your partner changes when you change. It can also happen that he or she doesn’t follow you on your new path. Going it is worth it in both cases. 


Limiting beliefs and destructive relationship patterns

But also if you you can’t get out of destructive relationship patterns (or destructive patterns in the relationship with yourself!) and want to change that, call me. Often the reasons for constant couple problems originate from childhood. In that case we go much deeper than in  relationship training, where the focus is on the structures of the relationship. That kind of counselling is very effective for the individual and often times even an integral part of a couples therapy. After all, a couple consists of two individuals. 

And see it that way: even individual therapy is a kind of couples therapy. Here the two partners are the conscious and the subconscious mind. Thinking and feeling. Body and soul…

Separation and love sickness

Two more reasons for individual sessions are separation and love sickness. After a separation (or when the desired relationship didn’t turn out the way you wanted) your heart hurts. And that is a serious issue, because we all know the term „broken heart“: both body and soul suffer! „Time heals all wounds“- well, say that to somebody who is in hell…

Sometimes it is a good idea to seek help. Friends are not always the best therapists, so if you want to feel better soon, we will find a way. And we don’t only talk. Talking is great, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t necessarily ease the pain fast enough. So if necessary, we also use highly effective methods like EFT, EMDR or hypnosis.

Call me: 030 854 01770 or use the contact form. Let’s find a way to become happy again!