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Birgit Fehst Relationships and other matters of the heart
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Let me hypnotize you

“Life is relationships, the rest is just details.” (Gary Smalley)

Right, and that is why hypnosis works here as well. Why? Good question, and the answer is obvious:


Couples therapy treats the relationship, not the individuals having the relationship. However, sometimes patterns of the individual might cause the problem like commitment phobia, neediness, or extreme jealousy (of course I could continue the list forever). So it does make sense to treat those issues as well. And hypnosis is one of the best methods I know for therapy, next to EFT and EMDR which I use as well It is fast, effective and intense. The couples therapy addresses your conscious mind, hypnosis your subconscious mind. Only very few therapist work with both methods at the same time. You will get more information on hypnosis in my private practice for relationships and other matters of the heart right here.

Call me: 030 854 01770, or use the contact form. Let’s get in trance!