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Birgit Fehst Relationships and other matters of the heart
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How it works

Couples therapy in action

People always ask me how couples therapy works. You have probably never done one and would like to kow more.

The first contact 

You write me an email and we talk on the phone. You explain what your issue is. We can also check if a regular session or a power session or a power day make sense and we make an appointment. 

The first session

The first session is always the three of us: You, your partner and me. You tell me the story of your relationship and of your challenge in detail. During this first session I decide if the questionnaire and/or other written tasks make sense for you. 

We will have analyzed your situation and you kow exactly which of your “strategies” that you have used in your relationship so far have not led to the desired outcome. Und you already know which of those strategies you should change to experience positive changes. A nice moment.

The following sessions

The number of sessions varies. Some see me over the course of several years to stay on track. Most couples visit me 4- 10 times max. Every week initially, the every 3-4 weeks as you will need the time to implement new behaviours. 

During the course of a couples therapy I often (not always) see both partners individually, once or several times, if you have issues that are preferably dealt with in a one-on-one setting. However, the majority of the time we do together as we are “treating” the relationship and not you!

Success rate

How high are the chances that the couples therapy will be successful? Well, if one of you has actually already left the relationship but comes with you anyway to do you a favor, quite low. But indeed very high if your goal and your intention is to stay together and improve the relationship. From experience I can say that in those cases the success rate is about 80%. 

The next step

Call me at 030 854 01770 or use the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am looking forward to meeting you!